Make yourself a gift ! Forget about compromise and get yourself heated floors !

Radiant film with carbon nanotubes, ultra- thin and super efficient . The heat is distributed evenly , you will now avoid having stagnant residual energy at the ceiling reducing your heating costs . Settles on concrete as well as on plywood and is suitable for various applications such as < strong> kitchen, living room, basement, solarium, home theater, etc. .


– thickness : 0,038mm
– width : 50/60/80/100cm
– voltage : 240v AC
– global consumption : 11watts/p2
– electromagnétiques : 0.4mG
– controls : thermostats
– distant infrared

The operating principle of the radiant heated floor is comparable to sunlight entering a room; i.e. that the thermal inertia of the masses and of the body are modified. With its large contact surface, the carbon nanotubes can act as the main heating system of the room or supplementary heating.