Hardwood floors are known for their elegance, classic charm and warmth they exude. They are an excellent long-term investment by the undeniable value they add to your home.

We retail hardwoods being 100% Canadians whose manufacturer fully control the production process, from the tree to the finished product, holding its own forest land, processing plants and finishing plants. We offer high quality hardwood floors that remain affordable. They are easy to install and maintain, and will last you for generations. Our hardwoods are all  prevarnished (multiple layers of polyurethane varnish with aluminum oxide), which greatly contributes to consistency, beauty and durability of the floor while dramatically reducing the size of your work by preventing you from having to apply stain and varnish following the installation.

Our finishes are covered by a 25 year warranty on complete wear down.


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NEW! We are now proud autorized dealer of Lauzon Floors (150+ models). Ask us for details!