SONOTECH acoustic underlayment

  • The SONOTECH premium  underlayment is a wise choice to ensure an optimum acoustic solution along with mechanical and thermo properties for maximum comfort and stability much like a real wood floor and with the integrated plastic film and tape it makes a barrier against humidity coming from the sub-floor.

SONOTECH Flyer to Download :

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  • Superior Acoustic  (11c 70, stc 71)

The SONOTECH high density urethane foam construction has thousands of tiny sound pockets that cusion the floor and deaden the noise the sonotech also have the advantage to always stay firm therefore increasing the acoustic performances and illuminating hallow sound .

  • Ultimate moisture control

The SONOTECH is made with urethane foam making it water resistant and with the integrated vapour barrier the humidity coming from the sub-floor is preventing from attacking the laminate floor.

  • Prevents molds and mildew

SONOTECH contains Fresh-n-Guard, an anti-microbial additive that prohibits the growth of fungus, molds, mildew and harmful bacteria.

  • Performance

SONOTECH is manufactured of high density urethane foam to offer  superior underlayment for use with laminate and other wood flooring products. Its high-density construction ensures the ultimate in noise reduction and moisture control.

  • Radiant Heating System

SONOTECH is compatible with radiant heated floor and it will also provide insulation, adding R-value to the floor.

  • Easy & fast installation

SONOTECH features a non-skid surface that will prevent movement during installation, also the vapour barrier overlap ensures 100% humidity control.

  • Warranty

SONOTECH will remain resilient and moisture resistant the lifetime of the laminate floating floor under normal use conditions.

Deco trend : laminate on walls

Real wood has always been considered to add value, timeless beauty and elegance in any decors. On the other hand, laminate flooring has gain popularity mainly because of the better quality, natural look, finish, decor option, the ease of installation and low price, but now people envision this type of floor for wall application and we can certainly understand why. Create your own trend for any area of your home or office.

New trend for wall laminate floor

According to Stéphanie Guéritard journalist at (je decore magazine) and founder of the blog DECONOME. The installation of laminate floor on walls is a new trend that has started in commercial settings to later expand into our homes. Per example, the publicity agency Upperkut, the Montreal designer Jean De lessard  has transformed the cold plain wall of a church basement into a modern lively office where design and traditional meets in a warm and cozy setting using only laminate floor on the walls in his creation. No surprise he has won many prestigious prizes in Canada and the U.S for this concept.

Upperkut/Publicity agency - Laminate flooring on walls and ceiling

Main entrance – Upperkut – publicity agency

Upperkut/Publicity agency - Laminate flooring for an accent wall

Project managers office – Upperkut – publicity agency

An other example Appartments Hotel Trylon in Downtown Montreal.

Laminate floor entire walls

Lobby of Apartments Hotel Trylon in Montréal

Quality wall covering

In decoration, people are looking for distinctive wall covering that will enhance their home decor from room to living room, office, etc. They love the wood look because of it’s elegance, charm and warmth. Then laminate floors offer a very interesting alternative to wood because it will give the same effect with a very natural look, at a very affordable price. The next picture was produce by the program (idée de grandeurs) from the television network Canal Vie featuring the perfect example of laminated floor as a wall covering.

Laminate floor wall unit

Laminate floor wall unit in home cinema room.


Beauty, diversity and technology

The technical evolution method of laminated is no longer aimed only at floor covering but also wall application, the quality, design choices and the ease of installation has now open more possibilities for wall decor for many years to come, says Marc Lepage and Edith Durand, owners of Plancher FLOR, one of the most impressive specialized laminate importer and retailer in Canada.

The laminate wall covering has the same aspect and texture as the real wood. His real life textures and imageries are astonishing. Combined with the V groove along the sides, see it for yourself, you will be amazed.

Castille - A1269TSH

Castille – A1269TSH: laminate that recreates perfectcly the real wood by its texture and numerous variation of colors.

In fact, at Plancher FLOR you will find more than 150 styles of laminate floors among 25 collections and all of them are suitable for wall application at a budget that will certainly increase your interest. All our floors have a 25 years warranty against wear, fade and stain. Here we dispose you with quality without compromises and an easy installation process available in a huge variety of colors and finishes at a much lower price than real wood floor .
It is now not surprising why people are considering this type of floor for wall application.