Dubeau Floors has 80 years of experience in the manufacture and sale of premium quality hardwood floors. As an industry leader, Planchers Dubeau manufactures 100% Canadian products to the highest standards of excellence.

Dubeau’s product manufacturing begins with the meticulous choice of the raw material that will later become the finished product. The selected wood strips are then subjected to a precise and meticulous process that combines high technology and traditional know-how. Production planning is tailored to the needs of the customer.

In 1936, brothers Jules and William Dubeau began operating a sawmill in Saint-Norbert, in the Lanaudière region. Dubeau Frères becomes the second largest hardwood flooring manufacturer in Canada, a position that honors the long-term vision of its founders. The company innovated in the 1960s by creating marquetry products, an affordable alternative to its range of hardwood floors. Unfortunately, a major fire devastated the plant in 1978. The brothers must rebuild everything and resume their activities under the name of Parquets Dubeau ltée. In the 1980s, they launched a range of factory-pre-finished marquetry products. In 2001, Parquets Dubeau Ltd. partnered with Entreprises Lauzon to become the pinnacle of North American industry. The integration of its wood supply and all stages of production promotes the adoption of eco-responsible practices, such as the recycling of unused wood.

Dubeau Wood’s great passion for wood was born 80 years ago in a small sawmill in St. Norbert, Quebec. The company now offers premium prefinished floors that are the result of strategic investments in technology and research, as well as the experience and determination of all its employees. The traditional know-how behind each Dubeau product fills the most demanding customers and continues the Dubeau brothers’ tradition of excellence.