SONOTECH acoustic underlayment

  • The SONOTECH premium  underlayment is a wise choice to ensure an optimum acoustic solution along with mechanical and thermo properties for maximum comfort and stability much like a real wood floor and with the integrated plastic film and tape it makes a barrier against humidity coming from the sub-floor.

SONOTECH Flyer to Download :

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  • Superior Acoustic  (11c 70, stc 71)

The SONOTECH high density urethane foam construction has thousands of tiny sound pockets that cusion the floor and deaden the noise the sonotech also have the advantage to always stay firm therefore increasing the acoustic performances and illuminating hallow sound .

  • Ultimate moisture control

The SONOTECH is made with urethane foam making it water resistant and with the integrated vapour barrier the humidity coming from the sub-floor is preventing from attacking the laminate floor.

  • Prevents molds and mildew

SONOTECH contains Fresh-n-Guard, an anti-microbial additive that prohibits the growth of fungus, molds, mildew and harmful bacteria.

  • Performance

SONOTECH is manufactured of high density urethane foam to offer  superior underlayment for use with laminate and other wood flooring products. Its high-density construction ensures the ultimate in noise reduction and moisture control.

  • Radiant Heating System

SONOTECH is compatible with radiant heated floor and it will also provide insulation, adding R-value to the floor.

  • Easy & fast installation

SONOTECH features a non-skid surface that will prevent movement during installation, also the vapour barrier overlap ensures 100% humidity control.

  • Warranty

SONOTECH will remain resilient and moisture resistant the lifetime of the laminate floating floor under normal use conditions.

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